This is a story of a mysterious entity known as the Galactic Hero Agency - A righteous force against the evildoers of our galaxy. One feared greatly by those on the wrong side of the law! Vigilantes, some say... (they are wrong by the way)


In Mind Matters, our self-proclaimed BUT dedicated heroes Nova and Avon are summoned by a paranoid scientist with a troubling observation: intellectuals of the galaxy have started to go missing.

Mustering their deduction, an observation is made: something evil must be underway!


With their cost-effective, trusty dropship July 32 and slightly worn blasters, Nova and Avon head to the reaches of space in a mission to discover the terrible cause behind these disappearances.

After all, mind does matter.

  • Tongue-in-cheek gravity twisted trajectories

  • Fist bumpin' co-op action with your buddy

  • Vibrant space exploration filled with black holes, countless of different planets and unknown horizons

  • Evil plans for you to dismantle

  • Heroic moments (a cat included!)

  • Cute space creatures that are probably trying to kill you

Galactic Hero Agency: Mind Matters is one of those titles that is elegant in its playfulness. It focuses exactly on what is enjoyable and homes in on that aspect to create a wonderful experience.
— Cubed3d
It’s actually a very clever way of portraying a very familiar idea – the heart of the game is a platformer, jumping from point to point; but traditional flat platforms are twisted into circular ones, presenting the game in a novel manner.
— GamesFiends